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The Ohio State football team will travel to East Lansing, Mich., for its home opener against Michigan State on Saturday, September 3. Lansing has issued guidelines for about 900 city employees urging them to limit travel and avoid large meetings. City Manager George Lahanas, who is proactively trying to keep people healthy, said officials in East Michigan had not issued an official order.

The CATA Entertainment Express takes you from downtown East Lansing to downtown Lansing, stopping at many bars and restaurants along the way. I would also like to mention that on 2 June, the event "Be a tourist in your own town" is due to take place here. Find out more about this event and other events in your own city here!

The Amtrak Blue Water service offers a total journey time of 4 hours, which is over an hour faster than a normal train. The average journey time from East Lansing to Chicago is about 5 hours and 27 minutes, while the absolute fastest train time is 4 hours. This is the fastest Amtrak train in the US and the second fastest in North America, behind Chicago.

Amtrak has one of the most regular train services from East Lansing to Chicago, and the first train arrives 5 hours and 27 minutes later. The Amtrak Blue Water train from Chicago Union Station, known as the "Blue Water" train, arrives at Chicago Union Station at 7: 30 a.m., which is convenient for most passengers.

East Lansing is on the East-West Line I - I, which runs from east to west through the city of East Lansing, Michigan, and the campus of Michigan State University. It is also home to the University of Michigan's College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

South of Holland are the two coastal towns of Saugatuck and Douglas, separated by the Kalamazoo River and the lake. Greater Lansing also has a picturesque downtown, but the suburbs of the city, such as East Lansing Village, East End and South End, are also busy. If you're into nature, some of the largest state parks on our Lower Peninsula are less than an hour south in Lansing.

Ann Arbor is just over an hour southeast of Lansing, but a visit here would be incomplete without spending a weekend in the center. It is also home to the bustling city, and you can be in Ann Arbor in just a few hours to see the food festivals and even a fairy tale gate.

Being in the heart of Michigan may mean the Big 5 is walkable, but you can make a day of it and you have all the benefits with all the great places to visit within driving time. From downtown Lansing, you'll find the state that's so famous, from the Great Lakes to the Michigan State Capitol. You can also kayak down the Grand River and take long walks along the Lansing waterfront. River Town Adventures runs from Lansing and can be started in just a few hours, starting at the riverside park just outside the city center on the east side of the city.

I would also recommend staying in Grand Rapids and then driving an hour or so to the games if you are a real beer fan. GR has several breweries and breweries that are worth visiting and I can confirm how well the food and beer are brewed. For some great breweries and food, check out Lansing Brewing Co. in downtown Lansing.

The pet store in Old Town Lansing has a shopping area with a river running through it, as well as its own pet store and zoo in front of it. At the MSU Dairy Store, you can make your own ice cream, which is popular on the sprawling campus, not to mention a great place for a quick lunch or dinner after the games.

Those who like to stroll through the cute city centre have all their wishes in Lansing's old town. Climb aboard a kayak to Lansing City Market and meander through the old town for great views of the city and Michigan State University campus. If you want to drive a little west of Lansing yourself, you can stop in Grand River State Park for a picnic and a walk along the river.

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