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Welcome to Spartan Country and share with us 10 fun things you can do while opening a book! Located in East Lansing, visitors will find an abundance of beauty and natural space on the sprawling campus of the University of Michigan - Lansing. From ivy-clad buildings to lush green lawns, the Edythe offers a variety of changing contemporary art exhibitions and a wide range of outdoor activities. In the heart of East Michigan, the Michigan State University campus houses a diverse collection of museums, galleries, museums and galleries.

A popular destination for ice skating is the Munn Arena on the campus of Michigan State University. Located in the heart of East Lansing, just blocks from the Edythe, this museum is a great place to take a college tour in search of the latest in art, history and culture.

Further south of MSU is the Michigan State University Performing Arts Center, home to the University of Michigan Orchestra. Just an hour from East Lansing, this hotel is located in the heart of downtown Lansing, just blocks from the Edythe Theater. Greater Lansing also has a number of popular destinations in and around the picturesque downtown area. Popular destinations include the Grand Rapids Museum of Art, Lansing State Museum and the State Capitol Building.

The first destination may be the obvious choice, but a visit to the Michigan State Capitol is a must read for anyone visiting Lansing.

Lansing has a reputation for self-destructive behavior, but it is a sprawling metropolitan area that includes the city of East Lansing and surrounding towns and the rest of the state. Here, the data show that there is a strong correlation between the number of people and the quality of life in the Lansing area. It shows high levels of poverty, high crime and homelessness in Lansing and surrounding towns and cities.

To learn more about the quality of life in East Lansing, Lansing and the rest of the state, check out our free interactive map below.

When visiting Michigan State University, visit the East Lansing Visitor Center and stroll through the MSU Museum, where you will find a great archive and historical collection that focuses on the history of the University of Michigan and its students, faculty and staff. Located in the Michigan Museum of Natural History and History, across the street from the university campus, the Michigan Historical Museum offers a unique view of Michigan's past, present and future. Take a trip back in time and visit the museum's collection of more than 100,000 artifacts and artefacts from around the world, including the American Civil War, World War II, the Great Depression and the Civil Rights Movement.

One-fifth of the district's students come to East Lansing through the Michigan Schools of Choice program. One third of all people living in Germany live in Germany. In East Lansing, they are enrolled at Michigan State University, which is on the southern edge of our community. There are five colleges and universities in the city, the largest being the University of Michigan, the second largest college in Michigan, and the third largest university in North America.

If you want to travel further, leave your car at home and catch the Michigan Amtrak train service to the Amtrak Depot East Lansing, which is within walking distance of the University of Michigan campus and the University campus. Amtrak offers daily service to and from East Lansing, and Amtrak, Indian Trails, 24 and Greyhound offer intercity train and bus service through the East Side, with West Lansing and East Michigan stations located in the same parking lot as the station, while public transportation also serves the depot. If you are a local, visit the Greater Lansing Visitors Center at the Great Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau at 515 E. Michigan Ave., for some helpful information about the great city of Lansing.

From here, you can also take a long walk along the waterfront in Lansing, starting at the Michigan State University campus at 515 E. Michigan Ave., and walking down to MSU Horticulture Gardens. You can go out for a bit of a picnic at one of the many outdoor picnic tables, such as the Great Michigan Garden or the East Lansing Community Center.

If you want to spend some time outdoors, you may need to plan ahead to avoid extreme temperatures. The city is in summer and it's hot and humid but not as hot as the rest of the state, so plan accordingly.

Because East Lansing is a college town with large universities, certain events can affect hotel rates. Because of its proximity to the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, large events in Lansing can also impact hotel rates in East Lansing.

That's why Hannah from Lofts & Townhomes decided to put together this student guide for East Lansing, MI. MI would not be complete without a few good places to study, so we have put this together. We're not suggesting you go anywhere, but generally it's a fairly walkable 13 square miles. From the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, you can walk to Lansing in about an hour and a half.

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More About East Lansing