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Welcome to Spartan Country and share with us 10 fun things you can do while opening a book. Located in East Lansing, visitors will find an abundance of beauty and natural space on the sprawling campus of the University of Michigan - Lansing in the heart of Lansing.

The MSU campus also houses one of the oldest continuously operating botanical gardens in the country and offers many areas of environmental and cultural interest. Residents can also enjoy many great restaurants in shared apartments. This means there are a number of amenities in downtown Lansing that are within walking distance of the University of Michigan - the Lansing campus - as well as downtown.

One of the best things about a trip to MSU that doesn't end without a stop at one of the many restaurants is MSU Dairy. There are many great restaurants in East Lansing, but the MS U Dairy Store is always a favorite on the sprawling campus, not to mention the wide selection of dairy products available in the store.

Another popular landmark is the Michigan Historical Museum, which teaches visitors about the history of Michigan's automotive industry. Michigan is the first Smithsonian branch, and the museum is brimming with research, artifacts and natural wonders from around the world.

East Lansing - Lansing is divided by the intersection of Michigan Avenue and downtown is located on Grand River Avenue. The Michigan State Capitol Building, which serves as the dramatic centerpiece of the Lansing cityscape, is located in the city center, bordered by Michigan Street, Michigan Ave., East River Street and East Lansing Road. Grand River and Michigan Avenues serve as major arteries for the east and west sides of Lansing and downtown Lansing.

Nearby is the Lansing River Trail, which offers a wide variety of hiking, biking and biking trails, snaking through the city and connecting with the Red and Cedar Rivers. Grand River Park, a 2.5-km hiking trail, is perfect for cycling and rollerblading through city parks.

MSU students use the W.J. Beal Botanical Garden, but the public is welcome to explore the garden and its many plant and flower species. Visitors can visit the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center, which is conveniently located on the northwest side of the campus. You can go out for a walk through the gardens of the MS U or park in the parking lot.

Several other colleges are located near Lansing, including Thomas M. Cooley Law School, which is the largest law school in the United States by attendance. If you are a local or international student, Hannah Lofts is a great place to live, work and study in East Lansing.

Originally built as East Lansing High School and later used as a middle school, the Hannah Community Center features a library, gym, gym, art gallery and other amenities. High school students from Flint and Lansing teamed up with artist Jan Tichy to create a fuss that grew out of the Flint water scandal. This approximately 1.80 meter pencil is part of the Lansing Community College Sculpture Walk, which runs alongside several works by students, faculty and graduates. Other major structures in Lansing include various offerings scattered across the campus of Michigan State University, where a planetarium, a huge sports stadium and statues capture the attention of visitors.

Lansing has Michigan State University Medical Center and the University of Michigan Health Sciences Center, among others. Downtown Lansing is full of historic attractions, including the Lansing Museum of Art, Lansing Public Library and Lansing Community College.

Another must-see landmark is the Michigan State Capitol Building, and it has the virtue of being the only capital city in the state that is also a National Historic Landmark. The Ingham County Court House is a particularly interesting and important building, as it is a very beautiful and elegant historic building in the heart of downtown Lansing, just a few blocks from the University of Michigan campus.

Downtown is in the middle of a broad tree-lined boulevard that grew out of a 19th-century highway that connected Lansing to Detroit. The Lansing River Trail starts on the campus of Michigan State University and extends west into downtown Lansing. Northern Animal Trail # 23 is a 2.5 mile joint hiking trail that connects parts of the northern half of the city. East Lansing is known for its vibrant, well-educated and diverse residents and businesses, as well as its excellent public transportation system.

Indianapolis, which connects Indianapolis with Canada and the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada to the east and west. Indianapolis, a city of more than 1.5 million people and a population of about 2.4 million, is connected to Canada by the border with Canada.

The Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) provides public bus services to East Lansing and the surrounding area. Amtrak offers daily service to and from East Lansing with stops in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids and Detroit all within walking distance. Greyhound offers intercity train and bus services from its depot, located at Detroit-Lansing International Airport (DTW) and also served by public transportation from the depot. If you use the Detroit Metro or the airport at the DTw, there is a very nice bus, the Michigan Flyer, which goes to Lansing 12 times a day.

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More About East Lansing