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A call research technician is needed to help implement the Northern Hardwood Research Project, which is managed by the Department of Applied Science of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Michigan. The Michigan State University Police Department invites applicants interested in working in its growing full-service police department. We are looking for a research assistant to fill a post-doctoral position in the Dean's Office of Public Philosophy and in the Journal.

This position is at 1407 S. Harrison and includes the ability to review and shred documents and work in the office. This is an opportunity to support sales initiatives by supporting workers - to the point of supporting them.

You can also work with management to manage customer relationships through management. You make a positive contribution to the company and increase your turnover in a rewarding and meaningful career. Realize your full-time potential in the East Lansing, Michigan area with a focus on sales and marketing.

All applicants will be considered for employment opportunities and treated as employees. All qualified applicants will be recognized as a protected class under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Equal Employment Opportunity Act.

Must understand and accept the nature of the prosecution and the calls of the profession as they are perceived by the boss and his staff. Must communicate in a way consistent with the response to calls to service and self-initiated activities.

We will work with an enthusiastic and dedicated group of vendors who love their work and like to serve customers. We will change routes and customers based on the needs of the customer and explore ways to switch to a specific route.

Physical effort the ability to push, lift or lift a person potentially weighing more than 50 kilograms, to jump over a wall, sit for a long time, or exert physical exertion by pressing, pushing, or pressing and / or pressing. Arrests do not apply if handcuffs or other shackles are used in accordance with the department's approved tactic. We are effectively executing our community monitoring team to strengthen the links between the communities we serve.

This is an opportunity for you to participate and be part of the East Lansing Community Development Corporation (ECDC) Community Engagement Program, according to Michigan State University. For more information about the program and its activities, visit the department's website, its Facebook page and Twitter at @ EastLansingDPD. For more information on this programme, its operations and procedures, please visit the Ministry's website or its Twitter account.

The Zipkin Quantitative Ecology Lab at MSU is hiring a postdoctoral research associate to work on an NSF-funded project to develop a data integration model. Search for hourly or postdoctoral people interested in working on the model, with a focus on data analysis and visualization. The Department of Chemistry at Michigan State University is offering an assistant professor of chemistry at the College of Natural Sciences and Engineering (CHE) in East Lansing. Accepted for a one-year, temporary, full-time position conducting research in the field of chemical and biological chemistry.

HRIT is looking for a full-time, non-administrative, full-time employee for the East Lansing Police Department. Must understand that home football games, with few exceptions, are a mandatory working day for MSU police officers. Additional events, set by the police chief, may require a "mandatory working day" for civilian disturbances. Y is a modified shift work to keep fewer people on the job site at all times.

Establishment of a delivery / sales route and regular deliveries from Monday to Friday to East Lansing and surrounding areas. The route starts in the morning and passes through the city to meet the daily delivery requirements according to the service hours set by the Ministry of Transport. Businesses can require outside travel to local markets to cover open routes.

The Board of Trustees of MSU regulates patrols throughout the country and deploys foot, motorcycle, bicycle and patrol vehicles in accordance with state and university regulations. A police officer from MS U is assigned to the East Lansing Police Department and the University of Michigan Police Department.

If you want to make a lasting impact, you can apply to the Y for a job with the East Lansing Police Department or the University of Michigan Police Department. After completing a Bachelor's degree in criminal law or a Master's or PhD at MSU, you can obtain a Master's degree in criminal law, a Bachelor of Science or a Master of Public Administration.